A special case of the whole handicap is the “zero handicap”. Otherwise, such a bet is called “without a draw.” It’s as if we add to the result of our team 0. Therefore, when winning, the bet will win, if it is defeated, it will lose, and if it is a draw, it will return. If you simply bet on P1, then with a tie, we lose the bet, and with a “zero handicap” a draw – well, okay, we remain at our own.


Otherwise, the handicaps are called the “Asian handicap”. There is also a “European handicap”, but most Russian bookmakers do not offer it.

Odinars and expresses. All the examples above are bets on one outcome, or “odinars”. You can combine two or more outcomes in your bet, then this is an “express”. In this case, the coefficients for each outcome are multiplied, but everything should coincide.

For example, there are two Champions League matches: Tottenham against Ajax and Barcelona against Liverpool. The player believes that Tottenham will win in the first match, and Barcelona in the second. He can bet two odins of 100 R each: for the victory of Tottenham with a 2.285 odds and for the victory of Barcelona with a 1.93 odds. Then, if both bets win, he will receive 421.5 R: (100 × 2.285) + (100 × 1.93) = 228.5 + 193. 200 R were the players, so the profit was 221.5 R.

And you can also put an express. Then it will be one bet with a coefficient of 2.285 × 1.93 = 4.41. But if at least one outcome does not match, it is a loss. The player puts 200 P – gets 882 P: 200 × 4.41. 200 R were his, so the profit was 682 R. It would seem that express trains are more profitable. But if only “Tottenham” wins, and “Barcelona” draws, the player will lose 200 R. With one pound of 100 R each, in the same situation he would be in the black.

Expresses combine any kind of bet: main line, totals, handicaps and everything else. But you cannot combine related outcomes. For example, “total over 1.5” and “handicap minus 1.5” for the same match: “handicap minus 1.5” already implies that two or more goals will be scored, which means our total will automatically win , and express from these two outcomes.

In general, express is more profitable for bookmakers than a single. The gambling players who shove the express for 10-20 outcomes just make the profit to the offices. It turns out a high coefficient and the ability to get rich with a bet of 100 R. But the likelihood of losing is much higher.

Systems. You can combine the expresses in one bet. Such bets are called “system” and their logic is difficult to keep in mind, but we will analyze the simplest option – “system ⅔”. The first number is the number of events in the express trains, the second is the number of outcomes from which these express trains will be composed. The system does not have a single coefficient, like that of an odinar or express.

First, select the outcomes. Our system needs three. Add to the previous example another outcome with a coefficient of 1.64. Now we have such a set:

Exodus! – 2.285

Exodus_ – 1.93

Exodus: – 1.64

We have a “system ⅔”, so the bookmaker determines how many variants of double expresses with these three outcomes turn out. It turns out three expresses:

Express:1: outcome 1 + outcome 2 = 2.285 × 1.93 = 4.42

Express 2 outcome 1 + outcome 3 = 2.285 × 1.64 = 3.75

Express “3: outcome 2 + outcome 3 = 1.93 × 1.64 = 3.17

We put 90 R. on the system. The bookmaker will divide the bet on the number of possible expresses: 90/3 = 30 Р – this is the price of one option.

Now we wait, what options of expresses will coincide, and we multiply their coefficients by the price of the option.

If all three outcomes coincide, then all three expresses coincide:

Express:4.42 × 30 = 133 P

Express2: 3.75 × 30 = 113 P

Express 3: 3.17 × 30 = 95 P

Now we sum up the winnings – this will be the total winnings for the system: 133 + 113 + 95 = 341 R. We bet 90 R, so the profit is 251 R.

If only two outcomes out of three coincide, for example, the first and the third, then only one express will play: outcome 1 + outcome 3. The gain on it is 113 R. They bet 90 R, so the profit is 23 R.

If one outcome matches or none matches, the system loses.

By the same logic, larger systems are considered.

For example, in the “3/6 system” there should be six outcomes from which we compose possible variants of triple express trains – there will be twenty of them. betting

Fixed games betting
First, about the simplest way of taking money from the population – insider information. To understand that this is fraud, not even mathematics are needed.

Imagine: you chat with other fans, argue about the chances of the teams, choose what to put on.

And then a stranger appears who claims to know about upcoming match-fixing matches. If you want to bet and win, pay and he will tell everything. For you to believe, it offers the first result for free. Check: today in the match Liverpool – Chelsea will win Liverpool.

This is a scammer. He has no idea who really will win. If it turns out to be Chelsea or there will be a tie – well, no luck. The fraudster will leave the chat and in a couple of days will return under a different name. But if Liverpool really wins, then you can trust a stranger. And now the players are already buying from him the results of the next five matches. Done, fraudster evaporates

Analyze events
The outcome of the vast majority of sporting events is not accidental. It sometimes seems strange that the favorite did not win or that the outsider pulled out a draw. But in fact, the result is natural. If you look at the statistics of the home games of the outsider, away matches of the favorite, the list of injured and disqualified players, their arrangement for the game, then everything immediately falls into place. A deep and comprehensive analysis will allow you to see more than just a team name and coefficient. You will have your own expert opinion, which is more reliable than any forecast.

At first glance, this seems tedious and complicated: you have to spend a lot of time studying statistics and watching broadcasts. It is not necessary to cover everything at once. Start small – try to closely monitor one team, then another. After some time, you will almost certainly guess the outcome of matches in the league. This is true not only in football betting. For volleyball, hockey or tennis, you can collect the same analytics.

Bet for sure
There is a misconception that it is necessary to guess the outcome of a match in order to win against a bookmaker. This is not true. Bookmakers offer lines with a huge number of outcomes. You can bet on the number of corners, goals scored, yellow cards, on the percentage of possession of the ball, on removal in the match or on the penalty spot. If you do not know who will win, but are sure that goals will be scored, then it makes sense to put more than 0.5 on the total. If at least someone scores in this match, you will receive a win.

It seems that such odds are for professionals. In fact, these are coefficients for observant and rational players. For some reason, betting strategies for beginners are silent about this approach. However, it allows betting with a higher probability of success, and the odds are often higher than the outcome of the entire match.

Collect expresses
The easiest way to increase your winnings is to increase the number of events in one bet. The bookmaker is sure that the probability of simultaneous success at several bets is lower, therefore, it will multiply the odds inside the express among themselves. betting Thus, you will get an increased ratio on an even place. For example, a bookmaker can give a coefficient of 1.7 if more than two goals are scored in one match; and a coefficient of 1.5, if in another match a goal will be scored in the first half.

If you take these events on the express, the combined coefficient will be 2.55.

Therefore, if there is confidence in the outcome of several events at once, it is better to take them by express.

It is very important not to overestimate your strength. The optimal number of events on the express is two or three. The probability of failure does not increase much, but the coefficient is not bad betting

Be careful about the details.
There are no trifles in sports. Be sure to follow the related news.

The resignation of the coach, delayed aircraft, heavy rain during the match, financial debt to the players, a busy calendar, scandal in the press – all this can affect the outcome of a sporting event.

This must not be overlooked.

Don’t give in to emotions
It would seem that this is obvious advice. But for some reason, the vast majority of players suffer precisely because of excessive emotionality.

Develop a procedure for yourself in case something went wrong, write it on paper and follow it every time.

The same is true for situations of sudden success. Don’t let emotions take over. betting